Baby Quinn

Oh my…it’s been a while. Lots has happened. I’m just going to focus on one of those things, though.

This is baby Quinn.

As usual, we didn’t plan to adopt her. She was found, along with her litter-mates, in a garage. And of course, we’re the first people that come to mind when kittens need homes.

And so it was.

Quinn quickly became one of the “special ones”. It’s hard to put into words, but I like to call her an “enchantress”. She’s sweet but not delicate, cute but not pretty, loving but not needy. She stole our hearts in a split second. And she came at a time when so many other things are less than ideal (long story…hope it ends soon). Which makes it even harder to understand and accept the hand that life has dealt to Quinn. Ugh. Read on…





When we bring in new kittens, we quarantine them to a room until they’ve been vet-checked and cleared. For many reasons (not valid ones, really), Quinn was a bit different. She fit in so quickly and desperately wanted to be a part of the “gang”….so we broke our rule and let her join in immediately. What a mistake that ended up being. When she finally went for her check-up, it was discovered that she has feline leukemia (similar to AIDS in humans). Of course, it’s terminal and it’s highly contagious. So now we wait and see who, if any, of the other cats have also picked it up. And Quinn can expect to live a very short life…maybe 2-3 years, if she’s lucky. We are devastated.

Quinn is fine right now – full of piss and vinegar. But she has to stay segregated from the other cats (though that horse might have already left the barn) and that’s tough to do in our house, on a long-term basis. But we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to make her time here as joyous and comfortable as possible.

Never a dull moment.







Jill & Nate

Jill and Nate

As long as her boyfriend can join in, Jill is more than happy to help me with my light tests. Can you believe it was snowing in June? 🙂

This is All I Have Right Now

Busy season has started up, at least until June. So, I don’t have time to shoot for fun very often. But I want to make sure Cioci gets her fix so here are some pics of Cody. Oh, the things we must do to become rich and famous…


Cody 5-16 02Cody 5-16 03Cody 5-16 04Cody 5-16 05Cody 5-16 06Cody 5-16 07Cody 5-16 08Cody 5-16RAW

I’m Doing it Again

Posting an entry, that is.

I’m really just doing anything other than what I’m supposed to be doing, which is building my photography empire. I’m simply having too much fun editing, trying new techniques and perfecting them…I can’t stop.

So, here ya go. Sometimes I’m reworking old images (and nearly dying when I see how I originally edited them) and, when I’m lucky, a few new images, too.

Love Emma re-edit

Emma and Jill love each other

Mr Wilson sings


Oh, the love between a boy and his cat….

Dad bw

Dad probably thinks that he’s going to be stalked, now that I’ve posted a picture of him ON THE INTERNET….GASP!! He’ll quickly realize he doesn’t mind when the “stalker” shows up with 34DD’s

Easter 2016

We spent another relaxing and warm holiday with the Spencer’s, up in Northfield this weekend. As always, we were spoiled with good food and cozy surroundings, thanks to Cioci and Roddy. And, per usual, I brought my camera with me. Here are a few of the shots from our visit.



Cioci Said

Because I’ve been so irresponsible with my blogging duties, Cioci says I owe her more than ONE post. I don’t dare ignore that directive.

In addition to the “fine art” editing style, I’ve also become attracted to photo manipulations. That’s where you take a few different photos and blend them together, to make them look like one, cohesive, original shot.

This is my favorite one so far. That’s Jill and she’s really holding an umbrella and a light. The rest of the shot is complete fiction.

I love this.


Fine, You Win

I know, I know. It’s been a while. My blog’s two biggest fans won’t let me off the hook, so here I am. I’m warning you, though – you’ve probably seen all of my “pictures worth posting” already, posted on Facebook.


I’m still playing a lot with the “fine art” editing style. I’m really, really enjoying it – even though it means that I’m spending even MORE time in Photoshop because it’s so much fun to play. Here are several shots in that style. I’m sure I’ll grow tired of it some day. But for now, I’m having a GREAT time.

Oh, and…Jill actually ALMOST enjoys modeling for me now. Don’t tell her I know that.

Cody cute




Jill Hair 03

Jill Hair 04

Cody – We Really Didn’t Mean To

We should never have walked into the pet store, obviously. But Kenny and Jill have been hounding me and HOUNDING me for a new kitten…so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to go into a PUPPY store, because probably no kittens there, right? Well, there WERE kittens. But there was also the cutest, sweetest little German Shepherd puppy we’d ever seen.

After an hour of painful deliberations and Jill begging and pleading and basically agreeing to anything on God’s green earth in order to get her way, I relented (against my better judgment…as God as my witness, I knew it was dumb and did it anyway). And home he came. Little Cody.

So far, I don’t regret it. He’s not annoying like a lot of puppies. He’s sweet and gentle and sleeps through the night. He’s almost housebroken after a week and the older dogs are finally starting to come around.

Soon, he will be king.

Cody 1st day 2

Cody 1st day 3

Cody 1st day

Cody portrait

Cody portrait2

Cody portrait3

Cody portrait4

Cody portrait5

Cody portrait6

Cody portrait7

Cody portrait8

Cody scale

Snow puppy

My New Obsession

I’ve been editing a LOT lately, trying new things. I’ve developed kind of a new “style” that I’m really, REALLY loving. It’s kind of art-ish, making a photo look more like a painting, really making use of light and shadow. I’m probably going to take it too far and then get sick of it. Oh well….for now, I LOVE it.


Christmas Things

As always, we spent a lovely Christmas up in Northfield, at Cioci and Roddy’s house. I got lots of FANTASTIC new photography equipment from Santa, so I hauled some of it with us. I realized as I was looking through the pics that I need to take more pictures of the actual people involved in these family gatherings. Hmmm, making a note.

Like a lot of folks, I was hoping for a white Christmas. In fact, it was like spring. Well, that doesn’t stop me, as you’ll see.

Cioci and Roddy – Thank you so much for the wonderful time and the excellent gifts. We’ll be back soon to help you de-Christmas the Spencer Homestead 🙂


Apple Tree

Jill and Kenny

Jill and Mr Wilson





Papa Noel

Winter Wonderland